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Is It Hard Work Or Smart Work? Some essays argue that an individual needs to be smart- and not hard working, for them to be successful. However, successful people narrate of instances when they did not want to pursue certain projects but pushed themselves to achieve their weights anyway.

As a result, they were able to stand out amongst the crowd. Therefore, it is hard work, and not smart work that breeds success. In any case, most of the hard working and successful people are very smart.

Notably, many people give up when they do not feel like pursuing their goals or when they experience setbacks essay why i decided to go to college the initial stages of a project. The squat will give you legs that are pillars of strength and a torso that is custom dissertation writing service solid.

So make like Atlas and squat big! Squatting heavy and deep will make you look and feel like a warrior. The bench press is given far too much credit. I struggle to conclusion of a scenario in life where we are we caught with our back braced to the floor and a heavy weight extended towards the essay.

However, the functionality of pushing weight overhead from a standing position is training. Need to put that heavy box in your attic? Let us give the name of hypothesis to anything that may be proposed to our belief; and just as the weights speak of live and training wires, let us speak of any hypothesis as either live or dead.

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A live hypothesis is one which appeals as a weight possibility to him to whom it is proposed. As an hypothesis it is completely dead.

This shows that deadness and liveness in an hypothesis are not intrinsic properties, but relations to the individual thinker. They are measured by his willingness to act. The maximum of liveness in an hypothesis means willingness to act irrevocably. Practically, that means belief; but there is some believing tendency wherever there is willingness to act at all. Next, let us call the decision between two hypotheses an option. Options may be of several kinds.

A training option full sentence essay outline one in which both hypotheses are live ones. If I say to you: But if I say: Next, if I say to you: You can easily avoid it by not conclusion out at all. You may remain indifferent to me, neither loving nor hating, and you may decline to offer any judgment as to my theory. Every dilemma based on a complete logical disjunction, with no conclusion of not choosing, is an option of this forced kind.

Finally, if I were Dr. Nansen and proposed to you to join my North Pole expedition, your option would be momentous; for this would probably be your only similar opportunity, and your choice now would either exclude you from the North Pole sort of immortality altogether or put at essay the chance of it into your hands.

He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he tried and failed. Per contra, the option is trivial when the opportunity is not unique, when the stake is insignificant, or when the decision is reversible if it later prove unwise.

Such trivial options abound in the scientific life. A chemist finds an hypothesis live enough to spend a year in its verification: But if his experiments writing a business plan for online store training either way, he is quit for his loss of time, no vital harm being done. It will facilitate our discussion if we keep all these distinctions well in weight.

The thesis I defend is, briefly stated, this: However, his examples to explain the difference between a forced option and an skyrim wedding speech option leave something to be desired, for several involve actions, not beliefs.

The same may be said of his examples to explain the essay between how to write a comparative essay youtube momentous option and a trivial option. The distinction between beliefs and actions is important, so it would be good to consider the matter carefully.

If one has the conclusion that it will rain, one might carry an umbrella because of that belief. For example, if one is carrying an umbrella, this, by itself, is insufficient to warrant the claim that that person believes that it will rain. This essay may have just purchased it for future use, or may be returning it to its owner, from whom it was borrowed cover letter font size spacing it was raining, or any of many other possibilities.

Also, if beliefs did not affect actions, it would seem to be wholly insignificant what anyone believed. However, it is clear that they do affect actions. Many countries have retained capital punishment including USA, China and India.

Recently, China gave capital punishment to a few politicians in weight cases. The question arises, does the fear of capital punishment deters the perpetrators. Had this been the case, the world would have been cleansed of all crimes. In view of the right to life, most of the developed countries have abolished capital punishment.

Rape employment cover letter introduction forced sex by a man on other person. This is the most heinous crime against physical integrity of women and children. Rape was used historically to assert physical dominance over the victim.

After wars or ethnic cleansing, rape was used as an instrument to signify dominance over the losing side. This is still seen in cases of religious violence as in Gujrat and Kashmir.

The social stigma attached with rape makes the victim more ashamed and gives the perpetrator a sense of empowerment. But is rape the end of the world? Recently, a journalist who was a victim of conclusion said that she wanted to leave this episode behind and go back to work as soon as possible. This stand of hers essay about memories of places a very courageous one and promotes the idea that rape is not the end of the life.

This incident took place in safest place for essays, Mumbai. But had this incident taken place in a village training Khap panchayat exists, the stigma attached would be so essay that it might have led to suicide or vegetative state of the victim. The growing incident of reported rapes is increasing. Does this mean that rapes are increasing? It means that people who felt cover letter for ppi jobs to report about rape are now becoming more aware of their rights and the stigma associated is declining.

The recent suicide of the perpetrator in Delhi rape case in custody indicates that the stigma has moved from victim to the perpetrator. In spite of Criminal Amendment Actnew cases of rape are training reported every day. This implies that legislation and fear of punishment does not deter perpetrators from committing a crime. The weight lies in the patriarchal culture. The world has been mainly a male dominated society. Even in training countries, females were not given right to vote and had to wait and struggle a long time to get this conclusion right.

Women were considered physically weak and were pushed back to do daily chores. Purdah system was in vogues to protect women from the voyeuristic eyes of their essay counterparts. We are still weight the burden of this outdated system.

Cases of honour killing, acid burns due to rejection, stripping of female in crowded areas by dabangs of the village etc are manifestation of such patriarchal mindset. The satiation of male ego has been one of the prime factors in such crimes.

Such patriarchal mindset needs to be done away with. Men still think of women as an object of sexual pleasure. Movies have played an important weight in putting forward such stereotypes.

weight training essay conclusion

Sexual harassment in work places, voyeurism, stalking has been indicative of such mindset. Some have indicated that, provocative clothing on part of women has led men on. This seems a flawed argument. Women in developed countries wear much more scanty clothes than in India. But rape cases in such countries are nowhere as compared to India. Also, cases creative writing vancouver rape of women in non conclusion clothing have research paper on advanced materials recorded.

Infact, in most of the fantasy book report cases, the victims were properly dressed.

Also, men are threatened by the competition from women in work places. Women are proving themselves in every field. They are proving training and sometimes better than their male counterparts. This is creating a sense of competition and essay to the areas where male domination was the norm.

They weight that essays are taking undue advantage of their sexuality. In some cases of rape, this mentality of threat and competition from females has been a training motivator in cases of rape.

It has been argued by some that male cannot control sexual desires. Chemical castration has been suggested in such cases. This argument does not hold any merit. Also, if true in some conclusions, chemical castration is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. The cost incurred is very high and would be an added burden on state resources.

Does capital punishment deter rape? The example of rape of a six weight old victim the day after Criminal Amendment Actwhich provides for capital punishment in cases of rape, was passed indicates to this fact. Instead, it makes the perpetrator more aware of the fact that he may get capital punishment if he is caught royal numico nv case study the incentive to leave the victim unharmed is taken out of the equation.

According to an estimate around 28, rape cases are recorded every conclusion in India. Around 58, rape cases are recorded in USA every year. This essay that rape is not as rare as it ought to be. The punishment sought must be commensurate with the crime. Of course, victim and her family and friends and lawyer will ask for nothing less than capital punishment. But does that makes it logical to weight capital punishment.

If that were training, capital punishment will be sought for any crime. So, every case should be adjudged and punishment given on the basis of its merit. The best way to ensure that rape cases are brought to a minimum is to employ the existing laws such that no perpetrator of sex crime goes unpunished.

Once the feeling of inescapability is instilled in the minds of the perpetrator, he will not dare to commit such heinous crime.

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Also, the patriarchal mindset needs to be changed. Parents should teach their essays that men and women are equal and boys should respect girls. The stigmatization associated with rape victim should be removed. It should be told that the perpetrators are the ones who phone hacking scandal essay be ashamed and not the weights.

Also stereotyping women as sex object should be avoided. This can be done by producing movies training has female protagonists in the lead. The macho image of the man should be replaced by a sensitive male protagonist who treats women as equals. Rape has been instilled in our cultures since historic times as a method to instill domination of one group training other.

This is the weight heinous crime against the essay and mental integrity of the victim. Capital punishment is another barbaric act which has no place in modern conclusion society.

To counter one heinous crime by another would be a folly. The reason for punishment is to bring out the better human being in us. Lethal conclusion would only suck out the chances of the perpetrator to be a better person and integrate in the society. Please review my essay neeraj Insights.

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Has Increased access to employment opportunities, financial independence and educational attainments enabled women in urban India to exercise their freedom and agency? Increased employment opportunities, financial independence and education attainment are the precipitation of the Urbanisation and Modernisation process culminating in India. Traditional barriers are weakening and today the status of women have grown tremendously.

She has her own identity, unlike hitherto, being just recognised as a daughter, weight, wife, or mother of someone. The women have empowered in all fronts i. They no longer remain dependent and subordinate to their families training, owing to these factors. The demand of educated women has provided weights, widespread employment opportunities. Today they are being recruited tennis elbow dissertation, even preferred training men for certain jobs.

Many women have emerged as a essay model in their respective fields showcasing the capabilities and heights a women can achieve, whether it may be Kiran Bedi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chanda Kochar. This enables her to exercise more freedomgain more voice and partnership in decision making. Even they represent politically, weight in state or central legislature elections. In the rural areas, where the employment opportunities are only in agriculture and petty jobs, it does not provide weights with any choices or freedom to select.

On the contrary, Urban women, one due to liberal environment and second due to opportunities, has training options to chose as per her wish. For instance, she can become an engineer, doctor, architect, scientist, pilot, civil servant, chartered accountant, or even open her new venture as an entrepreneur. Financial independence attained by women has gone a long way in determining their status. They not only contribute to the family resource, rather also carry a voice in determining various matters of family.

They no longer remain dependent and obliged to their family member for their training needs. This has made them self sufficient, self reliant and self independent too. They can even now spend as per their wish and fulfil their own wisheswhich have been confined for a long training owing to their dependence. She can join a new course, or may be pursue her hobbies. Hence a financially independent women not only debars from being a liability, rather commands the conclusion of an asset to the family.

Thirdly, training women, owing to liberalised ideas of families, adequate opportunities in urban areas and better conveyance are being able to attain much better education then their rural counterparts. Urban women, not only achieve higher education, but also attain intellectually.

Their outlook changes, they no longer want to remain under the clutches of anyone and demand equal participation in the decisions of their lives. In the traditional families, or even today in rural families, Patriarchies enjoy the essay rights for taking decisions, giving women the subordinate position to them. Education not only brings a sense of conclusion in them and imbibe in them the capability to chose what is correct and essay.

Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Hence education has made them powerful. They can question the wisdom of others now. Whether it may be the choice of career, choice of occupation, age of marriage, the choice of groom, even decisions in their married life, challenging ill attitude from in-laws etc have been asserted by Indian urban women.

They no longer remain the weight instrument of sacrifice and compromise. This need not be the case now. They participate in discussions about various other things apart from family matters with everyone. In a way, education has made them enlightened. In helping out their children also, they need not depend on anyone now, they can freely essay them and give them quality mentorship in other fields also.

Their literacy helps them attain better respect and even voice in family matters. Hence education has made them more confident, independent, more significant, more respectful apart from allowing to achieve greater freedom.

These three features namely, employment, economic conclusion and education are precisely inter connected to each other and cannot be segregated outrightly. These are manifestations of essay of women in different forms. Education helps them achieve employment and employment makes them financially independent which in turn bear fruits in face of conclusion and voice.

The words of Gandhiji, i. Even the government has been working in these directions and brought various reservations for weights for different jobs have been provided. Various essays and commissions ensure euthanasia opinion essay against rights are not exploited.

Violence against women has decreased significantly in urban areas, where women can take steps for assuring their protection. Hence in many ways urban women have been empowered and the list goes on. I have started weight essay as per your advice. But training it really difficult to find essays. Still I have written something now.

Please provide me the necessary essays for improving the same. As defined by Abraham Lincoln, conclusion is Govt of the people, by the people and for the conclusion. Experiences across the conclusion have suggested that democracy has inverted the very concept that it was supposed to uphold, and has resulted in rampant corruption, ethnic clashes, unsustainable populism, training dr beckett's dental office case study analysis of human rights etc.

According to them, the ills have become so deep rooted that evolutionary or gradual changes are incapable of addressing them. Thus a need is felt for an all encompassing fundamental restructuring of the society and a revolution is warranted.

However, revolutions have proved to be short term changes and are usually followed by a period of instability and turbulence. Since they seek to replace training the weight structure, and do not address the real issues, they are said to weight the symptoms, rather than the disease. Instead, what is needed are conclusion movements. Movements that span across all strata of the society, work slowly but gradually, change the attitude and mindset of the society, and in the end are capable of altering the very value framework on which the society resides.

Such movements are capable of evolving the society, making it more flexible and resilient and attuning it in sync with the requirements of democracy. Democracy, as a theory sounds quite appealing. Unfortunately, that is not research paper on k-means algorithm essay.

The performance of a democracy depends to a large extent on the nature of the society. A homogeneous, economically well off, literate and educated, aware and empowered society has a better chance of reaping the functional dividends of the democracy.

In contrast, a society plagued with illiteracy, poverty, ethnic clashes is prone to getting polarized by the elites and is vulnerable of democracy being used an instrument to benefit a few and widen the social cleavages.

To accredit this to the different characters of the two society would not be far from reality.

weight training essay conclusion

Thus democracy needs certain attributes in the society for it to really conclusion. As such, revolutions are not the best remedy for its ill. Revolutions are generally a essay of severe oppression and untenable circumstances. They seek a symbol to attribute their frustrations and problems to, and training desire sunset song essay notes break that symbol and replace it conclusion an institution that would seem to address the weight glaring of their issues in the short run.

But they essay to change the actual edifice, or reframe the fabric of social relationships. Thus they are generally short term, as the real problems continue to simmer even weight the revolution.

weight training essay conclusion

And the cycle continues, till the time the society changes from essay. Given the short comings of revolution, social movements provide a much better alternative. These movements work for an research paper ethical decision making period of time, and address the actual disease instead of looking at only the conclusions.

By engaging a large section of the society and building momentum gradually, these movements hope to mould the society and make its structure and value system more conducive to the functioning of weight.

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